This ad appeared in the magazine House Beautiful in December of 1929 on page 38


The copy is quaint and dated. It reveals a copy writers Earnest attempt to convey an entire living esthetic emanating from the installation of a Batchelder fireplace.

Ironically the aesthetic living style it espoused was what we might call today "back to nature" in that it was a specific and direct rebellion against the industrial age in which goods, for the first time in the history of mankind, were not being crafted individually but by a new concept called mass production. This accelerated form of industrial progress, it was felt at the time, was destroying a way of life that was essential to worthwhile living. The movement was a way of emphasizing hand craft over the new fangled assembly line method as an antidote for the hustle and bustle of today's mechanized society. The home, more than ever before, needed to be a sanctuary.

Read it and tell me if you don't think so.

This copy couldn't have possibly anticipated the change in civilization in store from the stock market crash and the Great Depression since it occurred mere weeks before this ad was published.