A glimpse into his books on design principles, theories and practice

1909 1911

Before the tile factory existed there was Batchelder the art teacher. Unwilling to "parish" he published two books during his teaching career. "Design Theory and Practice" was first in 1909. Then came "T he Principles of Design" in 1911

They are considered, by those who have read them, to be dry and utterly boring. I have to agree. Either the popular verbiage of 1909 understood such quaint writing or folks were merely intimidated by his obfuscation I cannot tell. See for yourself in some of his writings. Then amuse yourself with my presumptuous modern translations of his ideas.

Random samplings:

Batchelder's first book

Batchelder's second book

Some day I would like to scan the entirety of both books, text and illustrations, and put them on the web.