Digging In The Dirt
How did I become the Tile Nut? It's simple, I began a little...
Backyard Archeology
All these tile molds were unearthed in my garden in 1992 after I moved into my new house
Turns out the molds were from the Batchelder factory which closed in 1933
Apparently someone in 1939 decided to build a garden wall from discarded tile molds and other tile factory rubble.
I have very few clues about how the molds got here.
They were certainly here before this pine tree was, obvioulsy!
Some of the molds were right out in the open, masquerading as bricks
Others were fully buried like this row of molds stacked as a garden wall.
before I dismantled it.
here I am digging up the molds from the front yard
<-----here sits the molds freshly unearthed
I'm trying to press some tiles from the old molds--------->
Unearthing a Showroom sample example of a mold discovery Portrait of a mold
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