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Get a load of this:
Another Dig!
Yes, it's true. Michael Kuhn Found 7 tons of authentic Batchelder tile buried in a field in Texas!!!!!!!!!!
See his
site and his compelling snapshots

Get this Book: Batchelder Tilemaker
Robert Winter's definitive book on E.A. Batchelder ..... at Amazon

The one and only:
Tile Heritage Foundation
The educational resource for antique tile
order back copies of their newsletter. They're priceless.

Start Here:
Tiles on the web
A vast resource of tiles around the world

for replicas and reproductions of Batchelder tile:
The Tile Restoration Center in Seattle

for replicas and reproductions Batchelder tile:
Alchemie Studio.
Tilemaker Laird Plumleigh, is known for his complex
matte glazes and large sculptural landscape tiles.

Lost link:
Some tiles remain in Sabina Indian Restaurant in Oakland occupying a former showroom
The link went dead but it was - http://www.best.com/~bdb/sabina/history.htm

Lost Link: Mortarless Tiles
a quaint neighborhood tile shop in Glendale, California specializing in early California art tile
I'm not sure what happened to their site but it was: http://www.original-vintage-arttile.com/
(The name "Mortarless" come from a patented retaining wall block that needed no mortar.
Now out of production the store name lives on)

updated 11/9/03
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