There are several Gallery areas here. All featuring pictures I made with my Mac and KPT Bryce

If you hate computer art, don't bother going any further

1995 Bryce work Bryce 1.0
1996 Bryce work Bryce 2.1
1997 Bryce work Bryce 2.1
1998 Bryce work Bryce 2.1
Cyber Tiles/ Synthetic ceramics my Bryce/Mac combo is the most energy efficient kiln of all time.
Digital EleveationModels Landscapes using Terrains from real elevation data collected by U.S. satelites
Stereoscopic 3D in Bryce Cross your eyes to see these pictures
Panoramas/360º/QTVR Using Apples QuickTimeVR you can navigate a 360 movie right in your web browser
Animals in Bryce scenes? Really dumb scenes with phoney looking DXF imports of animals
Architectural Modeling Sculpting in greyscale pictures
Meta Creations Spotlight '95 Ancient history