Series of towers modeled in Bryce (Bryce thinks they're mountains)
I've been practicing with a run on towers. The whole notion of towers suddenly fascinated me
#1 Post Office Tower 45K

#2 The American Film Institute, Los Angeles.






This tower has a procedural texture that looks like glass tiles.


#4 This tower has a terrain top and intricate filigree knewel-posts

(See back of Bryce 3D Box)

#5 There is an apartment building in Hollywood that looks like this, I swear. 56K  
#1 This tower has Flying Buttresses made from Bryce's Symmetrical Lattices  67K

Check out the BRICK texture created algorithmically via DTE within Bryce.

#3 As a man plunges to his death, bats flee the bell tower.


Tower #6 The full monty. The tall one. It's over 1000 pixels tall, 300 pixels wide. A whopping Three hundred thousand individual pixels are needed to see this image. In terms of file size that translates to 82,646 kilobytes or "82K' in the web vernacular. A download this size will take approximately:
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