Bryce Links

I don't set aside enough time to browse the web as much as I should to know all the best and wonderful Bryce sites that are out there. If you're not on here, don't be offended. It's hard to keep up to date, za know? Information overload and all that. I'm already overloaded. Please send me a note of an URL to add.(

Here's some amazing stuff I've found.

Erics Bryce index
Erics Guest gallery
Eric's Gallery2
Martin Murphy
Paul Swendsen
Bill Ellsworth
Bill Munns
Patrick Wilson
Harold Seiwert
McCloud's Bryce Forum Gallery
McCloud's Bryce Forum Gallery CD
Planetary Traveler - Official
Planetary Traveler - Rodney's fine site
movie guy in canada - Animation in Bryce 3D by Jean-Pierre Lapointe
Some great links at McClouds site
David Palermo
Tanieru - a Japanese guy....need new link please!
Alexander Rivers
Terraformers es muerto