Bryce Retreat@GHOST RANCH



...on May-23-1998
It's now just a memory.
Yet a virtual reminder lives on...
to remind those of you who were there

For those of you that missed it;

a few raster artifacts remain:

What was it?

Created by author Susan Kitchens "Bryce Retreat@Ghost" was described by her thusly: "Put 50 Brycers in the same location for a week. Make sure that the location is a pleasant, pretty location (okay, okay, make that profoundly beautiful). Take away the distractions. Provide a computer lab. Some instruction...... ....Encourage collaboration. Invite the Muse to come along and see what will happen. That's what Bryce Retreat @ Ghost Ranch is about."

Who taught?

Susan Kitchens, Rodney L'Ongnion, Scott Tucker, Chris Casady

Who came?

40 Bryce enthusiasts from across the country! The inaugural bunch.

What'd they do all day?

At the Ghost Ranch Conference Center 45 people from around the country and one from Switzerland gathered for a week in a low security low tech facility with no e-mail, no fax, no TV, no distractions except a computer lab, the beautiful scenery and Bryce software. We kept the Lab open 24 hours a day for 5 days as people lived, slept, and breathed Bryce! We hiked in canyons, we Bryced, we visited Anasazi ruins, we Bryced, we slept, we Bryced, we didn't eat. (inside joke) Morning classes, evening seminars, afternoon adventure, siestas or Brycing as you fancy. What an incredible way to spend a week.

This sillouete is the view of Chimny Rock
from Ghost Ranch