Here they are! Bryce Camp '99 attendees!
Group PhotoMay 29th 1999

It's only a memory now....

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Calyxa's image bin and Wardies PDF pizza storybook

L to R:
Lynda Weinman
Bruce Heavin
Jan Rasmussen
Stephen Dugan
Chris Poulos
Tim Dunphy
John Felds
Kenn Louis
Harvey Reed
Martin Hongsermeier
Peder Morganthaler
Ken Tompkins
Wendy O'Keefe
David O'Keefe
John Rawlins
Randal Fieg

second row:
Sandy Birkholz
Cathy Novak
Ms. Felds
Joy Collins

Down In Front:

Scott Tucker
Chris Casady
Susan Kitchens
Ken Musgrave
Jasmine the Dog.

Not present because they had planes to catch:

Sandy Weinsein
Gail Atkins
Richard VanLippe
Jason Galterio
Michael Monroe
Peter Richter
Andy Leffler
Harold Ward

What was Bryce Camp??? Here's the OLD SITE describing it.