Bryce in the year 2000
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Denver's Bryce Camp 2000 is coming up, here's my proposal
I'll teach Terrains again
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My course description:
"Terrestrially challenged"
A full day with the Terrain Editor:

I will conduct a day devoted to making shapes by making 2D grayscale picts. After a review of Bryce's armada of terrain tools and just what they might be handy for, I will move the class into Photoshop to practice with the tools to make 2D artwork into virtual sculpture. Painting tools, selection tools, Masks, channels and layers and especially KPT's Gradients on Path will be explored, explained, and exampled. You will then make something with them. Exercises will be handed out, even a Terrain Challenge contest. Bring a favorite word and typeface. We will "Brycify" your word because fun type treatments can be done with text terrains.
New DEMs

Terrain experiments

Terrain exercises

Terrain Type

Terrain expose

Terrain Rocks

Terrain techniques

Terrain comparisons
School Terrain examples

Other Bryce topics may include:

if anyone is interested, could be a breakout session.