Still trying to decide whether to go to Bryce Camp this year?

Consider that Sedona's Bryce Camp includes my Terrain class:


Extruding a black & white images vertically into 3D space



& Samples


More Examples of gray modeling .

Yes. I'm nuts. I insist in sculpting with grayscale images.
I'm recruited to teach a day at B.C. 2002 in Sedona

Bryce's Terrain Editor has many tools for delicate manipulation of grayscale images.
Adobe Photoshop has image editing tools that are great for creating grayscales.
In my class I'll give demos in each software and then ask you to try the technique in labtime. It's a workshop lecture demo combo.

But that's not all......!

YOU WILL GET: a hard copy of my "recipe book" Terrain Formulas as a souvenir to take home! (You can sleep through class!)

But Wait.... There's More!

YOU WILL ALSO GET: my B5 Scene files to dissect and take home! There is no better way to learn Bryce!

Hi, I'm Chris. Bryce numbskull and hopeless addict. My obsession can pay off, for YOU! I'll cram as many tips and tricks into my 5 hour Terrain Class as I can.
at C.
May 20-24, 2002