Bryce 5 used exclusively for these....
Recent illustrations for the National Park Service
3D digital scenes for brochures, handbooks, outdoor displays
Final Print
The civil war town of Appomattox, Va.
Assignment: model a Civil War town including 30 lost buildings Visitor map
Dwight D. Eisenhower's cattle farm
Assignment: model the President's ranch from the air Visitor map
The Wright brother's Biplane 1903
to show the principles of flight control
Assignment: model the first airplane, for print Handbook
The Wright Flyer B & catapult device
Their launch rail catapult system circa 1905
Assignment: illustrate the Flyer B and launcher in action Outdoor exhibit

1905 cow pasture, outside Dayton
As it might have looked when the Wright brothers quietly practiced flying in 1905
Today this old cow pasture is surrounded by the giant runways & hangers of Wright/Patterson Air Force Base Outdoor exhibit

Bryce 5 at work in real life application

-Chris Casady

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